the family meal

A few weekends ago we attended Ferran Adria’s book signing for his latest: The Family Meal. I’ve been interested in this book since I first learned about it… remembering the perfectly timed, 20 minute meals together in the dining room of El Bulli. It was something the team took seriously in principle – but the food itself was very down to earth. Like the food you’d eat at home, with family. It’s an idea I instill here at Sushisamba, too.

Photography: Jeff Carvalho/

At the signing Ferran shared his thoughts on knowledge, cooking, learning, Spain and the culinary world through Spanish eyes. He commented on the world’s fascination with the idea of sharing – constantly, informally and as much as possible (read: Twitter generation). It’s a global way of being that has influenced cuisine and instigated the dawn of a new culinary style: the gastropub.

For The Family Meal Ferran and his team began re-thinking the idea of staff eating. They didn’t want to serve frozen items – they wanted nourishing food that everyone could enjoy. Ferran noted that while he loved offal and tripe – these weren’t ingredients that everyone would be excited about. Together they began thinking of family meal ‘menus’ in the same way you’d plan a collection of recipes and organized dishes for restaurant guests. In this way, family meals became both thoughtful and more efficient. The cook book is truly the family meal – meals for home – because the recipes are practical, cost-conscious and supportive of more ‘universal’ tastes. As Ferran summed it up, “It’s a social book.”



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