Here’s a feast for your eyes – Chef Seiji Yamamoto’s kaiseki at RYUGIN in Roppongi, Tokyo from our Culinary Team trip to Japan this past November.

Automn Menu, November 25th, 2010

Chef Yamamoto’s Specialite – Premium Monkfish Liver from Hokkaido with Special Miso Sauce

Matsuba Crab from Sanin in Hot Starch Sauce

Premium Dashi Soup with Tilefish Grilled on Charcoal and Deep-Fried Egg Tofu

Sashimi Dish with Seabream from Tokushima and Smoked Bonito with Seaweed

Automn Color in a Plate with Seaperch, Fig, Chestnuts and Ginko Nuts in Ryu Gin Style

Fresh Sea Urchins and Yuba with Cold Egg Custard

Wagyu Beef Cheek in White Miso Soup with Flavored Vegetables

Simmered Rice with Cooked Kuroge Wagyu Beef served alongside Miso Soup with Shiba Shrimp Broth

-196 Degree Celsisus Candy Apple with 99 Degree Celsius Apple Jam

Hot Parfait RyuGin Style, Vol 11 “Yuzu”


Afterwards Seiji and the culinary team came outside to meet us. He and Koji was both born in the same town – Kagawa, Japan.  So they had a nice exchange of memories… great way to end the dinner.

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