start from scratch

Every recipe begins with a single ingredient.

It’s through the coming together of each ingredient, that we find a whole.


We’re really excited to present ingredient, a blog about discovering, tasting, making and re-making. It’s our way of exploring the ‘building blocks’ of our palate – and our concept’s palette: the culture and flavor of Japan, Brazil and Peru. After 12 incredible years in the industry, this is our time to introduce a fresh taste.

Here, you’re not going to find any corporate jargon or sugar-coating. That means when we’re receiving our morning fish orders, creating a new dish, eating some awesome NYC street food, and buying heirloom tomatoes at the farmer’s market – you’ll be right there with us. Of course, that also means you’ll be subjected to our recipe mishaps, break-dancing sushi chefs and daily shenanigans. These are all the ingredients that bring SUSHISAMBA together.


Every taste has a history – and each taste tell its own story.

Consider this our word of mouth.


– the  SUSHISAMBA culinary team