Even in a country with one of the lowest rates of beef consumption – there is evidence of the burger craze. We dropped into pakutchi in Shibuya for a taste…

パクッチバーガー Pakutchibaga
パクッチチキンバーガー Pakutchichikinbaga
タワーバーガー Tower Burger

Here’s our pakutchibaga…

It’s not as often that taste demands your awareness of each component of the burger (beyond the beef). Here, I was surprised that even the lettuce – so fresh! – contributed so much to the flavor/texture. What’s great is that you could deconstruct a pakutchi burger and enjoy each ingredient separately. Not sure how many burgers stand up to that challenge back in the states…

Here’s a full ‘brand’ shot (including the Tower Burger) from GourNavi:

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