When Timon and I visited Mistura 2010 in Peru last month we were really interested in arapaima (paiche). It’s one of the oldest and largest freshwater fishes in the world (they average around 7 feet). Unfortunately, their popularity for local consumption has wiped out a lot of the population and they are now listed on CITES as a threatened species. But the good news is that there’s been a lot of recent effort invested into understanding this species – and growing their populations through farming. This will not only help to replenish the Amazon – but it will give us all the chance to experience the taste and delicacy of paiche.

One of our vendors, CleanFish will be sending samples soon. Stay tuned…

Photo: A Peruvian fisherman carries a massive South American paiche to a market in Iquitos, Peru.                 Taken by Alex Webb/Magnum Photos (1993). We found it at

Next time we’ll take a picture of Mere carrying one.

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