wagyu black pudding

dark as night and black as pudding


How does Chef Cláudio Cardoso balance out the strong flavors in his wagyu black pudding […]

Ginger-Marinated Halibut Nigiri

with great ginger power comes great flavor


Chef Eric Ou flavored delicate halibut with a ginger marinade for a nigiri weekend special!

Black Sesame & Raspberry Mochi

mochi madness


Mochi is a sweet treat we can’t get enough of. You can only imagine the […]

Foie Gras Sushi

pamper your palate


Who knew you could use foie gras in a sushi dish? Our very own Chef […]

Wagyu Feijoada

not my grandma’s stew


We absolutely adore the Feijoada on our Brunch menu. To elevate this dish even further, […]

seared scallop roll (1)

gallop for scallops!


What happens when Chef John Um visits New York City? We get to snack on […]

Hirata Burger

hold the fries


There are so many ways to cook up a burger! Over in London, Chef Cláudio […]

sushi sunshine

bright and sunny


What does Chef Claudio turn to as a muse? The sun! This “sunshine”-inspired sushi dish […]

passion fruit cake

nothing but sweet feelings


Prepare to be swooned after eating our Passion Fruit Cake made of green tea and […]

SS London Sushi (1)



Come and enjoy delicious rolls found at London such as the SS London Sushi made […]

SS Watermelon Baja

bittersweet & sassy


Clink Clink! Our Watermelon Baja is a long mix of Aperol and cachaça, churned with […]

matcha pisco

specialtea cocktail


There’s nothing fresher than drinking our Matcha Pisco with matcha tea-infused pisco, orange liqueur and […]

hamachi sushi special

hamachi hungry


We just can’t tear our eyes away from this hamachi sushi special! Fresh fish meets […]

Passion Fruit Batida

find your passion fruit


We’re passionate about passion fruit! Fresh passion fruit, a sweet passion fruit sugar, cachaça and […]

crunchy salmon special (1)

munch on crunch


There’s so many different flavors to take in with this special crunchy salmon roll! The […]