mainichi san ju hinmoku

At the CIA Japan Flavors of Culture conference a few weeks ago, Larry Kushi, Sc.D. (Associate Director for etiology and prevention research at Kaiser Permanenete), Yoshihiro Murata (Chef and Owner of Kikunoi Honten, a three-Michelin star kaiseki restaurant in Kyoto), and Yukio Hattori, M.D. (President and Chairman of  Ecole de Cuisine et Nutrition Hattori) presented “Balance, Long Life and the Japanese Diet: Ideas for American Menus.”

Here are some of the traditional Japanese eating guidelines that we took away:

hara hachi bu = eat until you’re 80% full

yoku kamu = chew your food well

shizen ni kansha suru = appreciate nature

mainichi san ju hinmoku = eat 30 different varieties of food each day

This ‘Spinning Top’ represents the Japanese guidelines for health and diet – it’s always balanced and in motion. As you’ll notice – there’s a lot more vegetables and grains and a lot less dairy and sweets.

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