secrets of ceviche revealed


As a restaurant proud of our own Japanese/Peruvian culinary synergy, this video is a must-see!

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Perú Sabe: Cuisine as an Agent of Social Change

“Perú Sabe: Cuisine as an Agent of Social Change” is an upcoming documentary featuring world-renowned chefs Ferran Adrià and Gastón Acurio who join together to show how new recipes and culinary education/human development is progressing in Perú through gastronomy. The documentary explores how food can bring people together from all around the world to create social change. As Gastón Acurio explains, “The power of cuisine is finally used not only to cheer up the people who eat the food, but mostly, to transform the lives of the people who surround it.”

The documentary will be released in the Fall of 2012. Can’t wait.

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life is life

Pre-tasting warm up:

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the wilderness downtown

Ok – this one’s been around for awhile but Mere thought it would be worth re-visiting for some daily inspiration:

Props to Arcade Fire – they’re always up to something awesome…

Click the image to check it out:


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the record-breaker

Here’s The Telegraph’s coverage of the 342kg Bluefin Tuna that was recently sold at a record-breaking £250,000 at Tsukiji Market in Tokyo, Japan. So crazy…

At SUSHISAMBA we’ve created a NO BLUE campaign to protect Bluefin Tuna and help to raise awareness about the species’ endangered status – but it’s important that we continue understand the ecological and economical impact of the global seafood market.

I still have a bunch of other great videos and photos to share from our trip to Tsukiji this past November…. To start, here’s a shot of some of the fresh tuna for sale post morning auction:

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Happy New Year!

Felicidades a todos from the SS Culinary Team!  We’re celebrating Révellion at all locations tonight – hope to see you…

Awesome photo of Rio de Janeiro’s Réveillon NYE party on Copacabana Beach, via The Independent.

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octopus lollipops

To satisfy your afternoon craving:

Baby Octopus Lollipops stuffed with Quail Egg at Nishiki Market (aka Kyoto’s Kitchen); Kyoto, Japan

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I had some extra time tonight to upload more of the great content we captured during our time at the CIA’s World of Flavor conference. This video is of Chef Shirou Komaki (Chef/Owner of Sushiman, an Osaka-based restaurant specializing in Osaka-style sushi; with a 350-year history) in a presentation titled “Traditions of Sushi and Sashimi: Discovering Regional Styles from Tokyo to Osaka.” Chef Komaki shows us haku sushi/oshizushi – or – ‘box sushi’…
Incredible demo – and a funny chef… We had a chance to talk to him (via translator) during the walk-around ‘Flavor Discovery Tasting’ lunch.

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morimoto: creating signature flavors for american menus

Mere and I parted ways again to sit in on separate lectures. Mine, “Morimoto: Creating Signature Flavors for American Menus,” was presented by Masaharu Morimoto and moderated by TK TK Chandra Ram.

Here, Morimoto prepared whole miso-marinated suckling pig and melon tempura. In almost all of my encounters with Morimoto he’s been quite the comedian… It was nice a nice way to change things up for the audience – but I think it’s especially great that his personality comes through so well. He is a serious chef – but he doesn’t take the fun out of the process.

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rio robata, the before and after


featuring Dan; filming by Eric


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