Sweet Endings

Sweet Endings-1

SUSHISAMBA Las Vegas Executive Pastry Chef Michael Outlaw dreamed up this decadent dessert in celebration of the New Year. Composed of white chocolate infused Namelaka (Japanese for creamy texture), chiffon cake, carbonated raspberries, raspberry gelée and raspberry Champagne sorbet – what better treat to ring in the New Year?

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Best Caviar on the Strip

One of the world’s oldest delicacies is now available at one of Vegas’s hottest spots.


After a year of research, Regional Corporate Sushi Chef John Um (and Instagram rock star: check him out @ChefJohn) has debuted SUSHISAMBA’s very first caviar label, featuring traditional and imperial Siberian Osetra. Just head over to the Palazzo – the sister hotel to the Venetian – to taste test SUSHISAMBA’s world-class salt-cured fish eggs.



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time to summon salmon

sockeye salmon sushi

How did Chef John Um bring out so much flavor in his sockeye salmon sushi? By marinating the fish in orange zest, lime zest, lemon zest, bay leaves and salt for 18 hours! He finishes the dish on a sweet note with dehydrated raspberry coated fennel.

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pining for pineapple

scallop seviche

From Chef John Um in Las Vegas: scallop seviche with a pineapple coconut sauce.

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Being a Little “Shellfish”

live scallop sushi (1)

There’s no way you can’t be greedy over this Live Scallop Sushi by Chef John Um. This delicious sushi has lightly-torched scallops with a passion fruit sauce, grapefruit seviche veg mix, plantain chips and topped with crispy chili strings & crispy collard greens.

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flavor bomb

Boom Sushi

Boom! Feel the flavor of Chef John Um’s sushi special! It’s made with Chilean salmon, citrus-compressed pineapple, orange-sweet potato confit purée, Japanese rice cracker, hearts of palm, lava salt and micro shiso.

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pamper your palate

Foie Gras Sushi
Who knew you could use foie gras in a sushi dish? Our very own Chef John Um!

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killin’ it with crab

soft shell crab special roll

What are the flavor bombs in Chef John Um’s soft shell crab sushi special? Crushed pink pepper corn tempura flakes and basil olive ponzu!

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sushi in red

Vegas - wild ocean trout salmon roll special

What would Chef John serve at a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner? A Wild Ocean Trout Salmon Roll made with strawberries, asparagus, pickled onion, strawberry aioli, chili crisps and fresh chives.

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squid’s on

squid seviche post on ingredient blog

How do you start off a good meal? Chef John Um matches fresh squid with a sweet orange coconut sauce for an amazing seviche dish.

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