As we’re developing some culinary education programs for our FOH staff it’s been interesting to revisit the inspiration behind some our signatures.

The Yamato Roll (Big Eye Tuna, Sturgeon Caviar, Foie Gras, 24k Gold Leaf) was one of Koji’s awesome creations. He named it after a popular sci-fi anime series in Japan, where Yamato was an intergalactic space ship. The roll with it’s unique shape/balance – resembles this space ship. We did a little more research and learned that Yamato was the name of Japan’s largest and most powerful battleship in World War II. Even today it remains a poetic name for Japan and a symbol of heroism.

The roll itself is another great example of the way SUSHISAMBA’s sushi departs from tradition and takes risks… Risks that taste awesome.

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harry’s berries

This week I went on the seasonal ‘SUSHISAMBA Tour’ and visited SS dromo in Miami, SS rio in Chicago and SS strip in Las Vegas. When I arrived in Vegas Jill greeted me with some gorgeous golden raspberries and deep red strawberries. Always nice to have a surprise waiting…

From Jill: “Props to Harry’s Berries of California (brought in through LA Specialty!). Every summer I look forward to their strawberries – and – the golden raspberries that are even sweeter than their red cousins. In the back of this photo you’ll see the velvet apricots. Their skin feels like velvet and it’s quite tart but they are bright and sweet on the inside.”

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live new england scallop

From Yuki at SSstrip:
“With live items I like to keep things simple and utilize as much as I can from the main ingredient. Here I added just a bit of sake and soy.”
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better in threes

Koji’s gunkan threesome for Valentine’s Day:

left to right: squid and oshinko / hamachi, jalapeño and wasabi tobiko / wagyu, quail egg yolk and potato paille

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Happy New Year!

Felicidades a todos from the SS Culinary Team!  We’re celebrating Révellion at all locations tonight – hope to see you…

Awesome photo of Rio de Janeiro’s Réveillon NYE party on Copacabana Beach, via The Independent.

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dragon for dessert

Remember the Green Dragon Apples that Jill sent a photo of last week? This is the awesome dessert she created for SUSHISAMBA strip:

Ginger Apple Dragon
gingerbread cake, green dragon apple, smoked white chocolate

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green dragon

sweet Green Dragon apples at SS strip:

The Green Dragon variety originated in Japan and is now available through an orchard in Oregon. You can pick up hints of pineapple and pear in the taste – so it’s great for desserts. Jill is going to send some pictures once she puts her special together…

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