heirloom tomato & seaweed salad

Thinking about this week’s dinner line up? Here’s a good one to try at home after your market visit tomorrow. It’s also on the menu at SUSHISAMBA 7 and park (NYC) and dromo (Miami).

Ingredients for Four Servings
heirloom tomatoes, 2, quartered / grape tomatoes, 1 cup, halved / cucumber, 1/2, peeled, batonettes / white grapes, 1 cup, halved / wakame, 1 cup /  ginger-soy vinaigrette, as preferred / maldon salt, to taste / micro celery / sesame seeds, 4 tbsp, toasted
Method: Wash and prepare vegetables as indicated. Mix all ingredients together and sprinkle with toasted sesame seeds. Garnish with micro celery.

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recipe writing

recipe writing; old school:

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it’s all about the dashi

We’re in the process of revisiting and reformatting the entire SUSHISAMBA recipe collection. It’s a lot of work but it’s been good to revisit the building blocks of our signature recipes. Yesterday I was thinking a lot more about dashi which is key for our miso soup – but an all-around vital ‘base’ Japanese cooking. There are two types: Ichiban dashi – which is stronger and most appropriate for soups and sauces. Then, there’s Niban dashi – which is a more subtle flavor. Because we’re using dashi daily for our miso soup – we use the Ichiban style:

yield: 2 liters

water, soft / filtered         2 liters
konbu                                  2 pieces
bonito flakes                      30 grs

Method: Add konbu to pot of water and bring to 140F for 40 minutes to exact the flavors and umami out of the kelp. Remove the kelp from the pot and add the bonito flakes. Bring the water to 170F and allow bonito flakes to sink to the bottom of the pot. Pass through a chinois with cheesecloth.

Chef’s Notes: Pass the broth through the cheesecloth SLOWLY to prevent cloudiness in the broth. Note: The vegetarian substitution for dashi is to use shiitake mushrooms instead of bonito flakes.

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supporting japan

We’ve been writing about a lot of great changes and fun new ideas lately – but I wanted to take a minute today to share how we’ve been coping with the aftermath of Japan’s disaster.  It’s a huge part of our restaurant – the food and the culture – but even more importantly, it’s home to many members of our culinary team – and their family and friends.

You may have read that SUSHISAMBA had been raising funds through the creation of special maki rolls at each location. All of the proceeds, totaling $35,768, went directly to the Red Cross – in support of disaster relief in Japan. It was a tremendous effort by both our team and our loyal customers – and the results have really shown.

Here’s a shot of the relief roll Yuki created for SUSHISAMBA strip:

Spicy Tuna, Eel, Shiso Leaf, Kaiware, Radish, Kaiso Kira Kira

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Saturday Night = B3

Still not 100% sure what a G6 is… But this is a B3 (Big Bottle of Bub). Hello, Saturday…

From Dan at SSrio in Chicago:

“Now that’s what we call a BOTTLE of Veuve!”

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baked kani gunkan

Last night Dan made a great special for SUSHISAMBA rio in Chicago. 2011 is going to be the year of the gunkan….

king crab, serrano, yuzu, aji amarillo, tobiko, cilantro:

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happy birthday, fernando!

Happy Birthday, Fernando! BiG WiSheS!

<3  your boh team.

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kyoto cream puffs

They’re hereeeee…


Michelle topped these pâte a choux with a crispy almond cookies and piped them full of (l to r) lucuma, hojicha and gianduja cream.

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vday omakase

Today we’re running through the recipes on our Valentine’s Weekend Omakase (offered by all of our locations Sat-Mon). Here’s a few to tempt…

Hokkaido Scallops Dumpling Soup with enoki, mitsuba and yuzu peeling

Bigeye Tuna and Avocado Salad with fresh key lime, 1,000-year-vine olive oil, chive, and pink peruvian salt

Yuzu-Kosho Poached Langoustines with celery root, shaved trumpet mushroom and scallion

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tea forte!

Tea Forte fully launched this week at our park avenue location!

The company was founded by Peter Hewitt (RISD grad and MOMA designer) in 2003 and in 2006 Tea Master Richard Guzauskas (Chairman of the Specialty Tea Institute and among the Board of Directors of the Tea Association of America) joined the team. We’re huge fans of their packaging and mission – and, more importantly – the quality of their teas.

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