crustacean inspiration

lobster roll
Chef John Um was spending time in the Las Vegas kitchen and wanted to transform our “half lobster tempura” dish into a sushi roll.
Inside: mango, avocado
Outside Top: lobster tempura, sugar snap peas, snow peas, pea shoots
Sauce: (instead of spicy mayo) lemongrass aioli, black truffle vinegarette
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luck of the pollock


Chef Claudio from London’s newest creation: pollock tempura with corn flakes, citrus sweet soy and shichimi togarashi.

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Color, Flavor, Sushi, Oh My!


Over in Las Vegas, Chef John Um has developed a special dish that is a feast for both the eyes and the tongue.  Seared Katsuo Bonito sushi with aji panca radish, scallion, grated ginger, and ponzu jelly.

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SS London’s Golden Egg

Golden Egg
From Chef Claudio in London: the Golden quail egg with mango caviar, hamachi and poppy candy.

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all hail the mighty shrimp!

Sweet shrimp with yuzu butter curd

Another great creation by Chef John Um… sweet shrimp with yuzu butter curd, shiso fumi furikake with just a touch of kaiware.

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the claws are out!

High ROLLer

Introducing the newest creation by Chef John, here is the High ROLLer! Featuring: lobster, tuna, foie gras aioli, caviar, and a splash of rum gold. #winning

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SS Breakfast of Champions


Check out Chef Brian Nasajon’s sweet quinoa oatmeal from the new breakfast menu at SUSHISAMBA Coral Gables! Here’s his inspiration:

I really wanted to modernize a traditional breakfast staple and stay true to SUSHISAMBA flavors. Since oatmeal has been my favorite breakfast dish since I was a child, when my mother used to sprinkle brown sugar on top, I decided to start playing around with different ideas. One of my greatest challenges in cooking is creating delicious and interesting dishes that are also healthy.  Health is extremely important to me, so I kept it in mind as I began creating this dish, which is where the final decision to use quinoa came from.

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strawberry goodness


Chef Claudio from London brings a refreshing summer on to the plate!  The Strawberry Snow Crab Maki has cucumber, avocado, kanpyo, tempura flakes, sesame seed, strawberry, snow crab and yuzu tobiko, topped with yuzu dressing and wasabi mayo.

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marine and be seen

Pan fried Peruvian bay scallop

What’s going down at the Strip? Here’s a Panko-fried fried Peruvian Bay scallop, torched with yuzu-miso butter, wasabi tobiko, fresh wasabi foam, and miso-salt coated chive made by our very own Chef John.

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You say keen-wah, I say kee-noh-uh

Here’s a virtual taste of Chef Cesar Vega’s (SUSHISAMBA Dromo) newest side dish – Quinoa Chaufa – coming to all SUSHISAMBA locations this month. Red quinoa, chopped baby carrots, pickled fresno chilies, fried sweet plantains – chaufa style…

Quinoa Chaufa


“It’s a marriage of Peruvian and Japanese cuisine- keeping my vegan friends in mind.” – Cesar

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