Two Gentlemen of SUSHISAMBA

Claudio & John with Coffee Man

Two chefs on our culinary team, Cláudio Cardoso and John Um, are researching the cuisine of Peru in Lima!

Mistura Festival (2)

Excitement was in abundance on day one. They attended the Mistura food festival and took notes on a number of Peruvian-style street food dishes. John left his mark at the event by writing “Come to SUSHISAMBA” on the communal blackboard.

mistura event

For lunch they dined on the Peruvian version of roast pork, chancho al palo. To prepare this dish, whole pigs are butchered and cooked over smoky wood. Chef John likens the process to using the Japanese robata, but with the addition of fresh wood.

chancho al palo (1)

Over the course of this trip, our chefs aim to explore ingredients native to Peru and try a number of restaurants. They intend to have all their senses on alert to create lasting memories and develop new ideas. We can’t wait to see what they encounter next!

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a sticky sensation


The salty and the sweet find harmony together on a stick. Our Peruvian-style picanha and pineapple anticuchos are skewered and grilled to bring out a range of different flavors!

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marine and be seen

Pan fried Peruvian bay scallop

What’s going down at the Strip? Here’s a Panko-fried fried Peruvian Bay scallop, torched with yuzu-miso butter, wasabi tobiko, fresh wasabi foam, and miso-salt coated chive made by our very own Chef John.

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From Chef Jeff across the Pond: TACU-TACU! black beans, rice with chili, plantains and fried egg. Garnished with spring onion, pickled onion and a fresh wedge of lime.

According to The Peru Guide, Tacu-Tacu is a prime example of Afro-Peruvian cuisine. Today the dish is prepared a la minute in many different styles around Lima.

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Fiesta Virgen del Carmen

A brief history lesson to honor the Peruvian roots of SUSHISAMBA!

Fiesta Virgen del Carmen is a 4-day festival that takes places in Paucartambo, Peru. July 16 is the central day when the Virgin Carmen (shown above) is paraded around the town, blessing all spectators and keeping demons away. This is all represented through cool dances and brightly colored costumes.

Photo props to:

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A Summery Spin on Salmon

Now say that 5 times fast…

Photo/Execution Props to Guillermo @SSPark

Inspired by the many amazing products that Peru has to offer, this brightly-colored, refreshing salmon special reflects the summery tastes it has to offer. The salmon is cooked a la plancha [grilled on a metal plate] and served over quinoa with asian pear and apple salad. To top it off: super fresh and raw, red and yellow beets, radishes, yuzu (an East Asian citrus fruit), and olive oil. A chicha morada (typical Peruvian beverage) reduction and lemon gel are added to the plate to round out all the flavors and complete the dish. 

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Perú Sabe: Cuisine as an Agent of Social Change

“Perú Sabe: Cuisine as an Agent of Social Change” is an upcoming documentary featuring world-renowned chefs Ferran Adrià and Gastón Acurio who join together to show how new recipes and culinary education/human development is progressing in Perú through gastronomy. The documentary explores how food can bring people together from all around the world to create social change. As Gastón Acurio explains, “The power of cuisine is finally used not only to cheer up the people who eat the food, but mostly, to transform the lives of the people who surround it.”

The documentary will be released in the Fall of 2012. Can’t wait.

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