Choi-San rocks his new glasses.

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white chocolate semifreddo

Last but not least – our new White Chocolate Semifreddo with pistachio powder and wasabi-apple sorvete. The wasabi is true to taste – a nice cut to the sweet neutrality of the semifreddo. It’s been a best seller so far…

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café com leite parfait

Get ready, kids….. It’s day #2 of our dessert launch at SSpark!

Café com Leite Parfait with (from the bottom up) bourbon mousse, coffee gelée, milk sorvete, chocolate pearls, caramel sauce, chocolate cigar and tuile

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…1  – Dessert Launch!

Today at SUSHISAMBA park we released 4 new desserts, including:

Housemade Tofu Panna Cotta with lime crumble, mango and red shiso sorvete

SUSHISAMBA Housemade Tofu Panna Cotta

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better in threes

Koji’s gunkan threesome for Valentine’s Day:

left to right: squid and oshinko / hamachi, jalapeño and wasabi tobiko / wagyu, quail egg yolk and potato paille

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paiche to nyc

One of our first posts on ingredient was about paiche – the giant Amazonian fish that I tasted at Malabar on our research trip to Peru this past fall. We recently worked with Cleanfish to bring paiche to NYC Restaurant Week (both SS park and SS 7) – and NYT picked it up today! (Click here to check out the article).

We’re serving it pan-seared with a miso-jalapeño glaze – mizuna and blood orange:

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honey mussels

Check out those mussels!

Eric ordered some Honey Mussels from Cecila at Mikuni Wild Harvest last week.

They’re called Honey Mussels because of their honey-colored shell – but they also have a sweet taste and tender texture. They’re farm-raised in British Columbia and you can’t find them anywhere else in the world.

Eric steamed them and served them in a Xingu beer and aji panca broth at SUSHISAMBA park.

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pionono for the holidays

Tonight’s finish to a Merry Christmas at SUSHISAMBA rio in Chicago and 7 and park in New York City. Created by Michelle:

Spiced Pionono
asian pear jam, coquito ice cream, kaffir lime

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golden eye

This morning a beautiful, bright red Golden Eye Snapper (Japanese = Kinmedai) arrived from our friends at True World Foods. Mukai, our Executive Sushi Chef at park, ordered it for a special tonight.

Golden Eye Snappers live around the southern coast of Japan and come into season in the color months. They are deep sea fish, in fact, the water pressure may be one of the reasons for their remarkably large and extruded eyes. Most importantly, they’re known for their high fat content and tender meat… a good choice for just about any type of preparation – but tonight Mukai will use this Kinmedai for sashimi and sushi.

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summer nostalgia

Today, we received some beautiful Lantern Scallops from Samanco Bay, Peru through our friends at CleanFish. Maybe it was this weekend’s incredible sunshine, but I was feeling nostalgic for summer – and inspired. The result:

Lantern Bay Scallops

shiro shoyu, white grape, french radish, dill, truffle oil, sal de guérande

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