jill’s tasting

Last week Jill visited us in NYC to share some wonderful new desserts, including a Black Sesame Sponge Cake with sake-roasted peaches, tofu marscapone cream and market strawberries:

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Soft Shell Sliders

May marks the start of soft shell crab season! Victor began using them on sliders at SS7 – great as a lunch dish or small plate to share for dinner. We switched it up a bit – adding bibb lettuce, shiba zuke and yuzu kosho aioli for a kick:

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Choi-San rocks his new glasses.

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steamed scallop dumplings

In preparation for spring – and some BIG changes we have around the corner – we added 6 new dishes to our menu at SUSHISAMBA 7 in NYC… and 9 new ones at SSdromo in Miami.

The response has been pretty exciting… Swing by and check them out when you have a chance so we can get your feedback.

Here’s our Steamed Scallop Dumplings filled with scallop mousseline and served over a purée of celery root. The dish is topped with warm enoki, shaved zucchini and chives – then drizzled with a yuzu kosho butter.

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a drawing by koji

Of me working on food cost in the office…

Ohhhh, Koji. You’re quite the artist.

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white chocolate semifreddo

Last but not least – our new White Chocolate Semifreddo with pistachio powder and wasabi-apple sorvete. The wasabi is true to taste – a nice cut to the sweet neutrality of the semifreddo. It’s been a best seller so far…

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café com leite parfait

Get ready, kids….. It’s day #2 of our dessert launch at SSpark!

Café com Leite Parfait with (from the bottom up) bourbon mousse, coffee gelée, milk sorvete, chocolate pearls, caramel sauce, chocolate cigar and tuile

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better in threes

Koji’s gunkan threesome for Valentine’s Day:

left to right: squid and oshinko / hamachi, jalapeño and wasabi tobiko / wagyu, quail egg yolk and potato paille

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paiche to nyc

One of our first posts on ingredient was about paiche – the giant Amazonian fish that I tasted at Malabar on our research trip to Peru this past fall. We recently worked with Cleanfish to bring paiche to NYC Restaurant Week (both SS park and SS 7) – and NYT picked it up today! (Click here to check out the article).

We’re serving it pan-seared with a miso-jalapeño glaze – mizuna and blood orange:

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honey mussels

Check out those mussels!

Eric ordered some Honey Mussels from Cecila at Mikuni Wild Harvest last week.

They’re called Honey Mussels because of their honey-colored shell – but they also have a sweet taste and tender texture. They’re farm-raised in British Columbia and you can’t find them anywhere else in the world.

Eric steamed them and served them in a Xingu beer and aji panca broth at SUSHISAMBA park.

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