from the hanger

The latest special from the kitchen of  SSPark….::tipped hat to Guille::

Grilled hanger steak with chimichurri frisée, fingerling potato salad, and cherry tomatoes – topped off with salsa criolla. The tomatoes add exciting texture and acid to the dish. The chimichurri friseé is a great ‘weight’ balance to the dish – but also a fun new pairing of chimichurri and steak, which, at Samba has been a longtime match made in heaven.


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jalea de calamar

From the latest Peruvian Happy Hour menu… Jalea de Calamar with tomato, red onion and red pepper.

Photo/Execution Props to Guillermo @SSPark:

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pig tails

From Guillermo at SSpark:

Since all of the chefs have been sharing ideas, I took inspiration from a recent London tasting. Chef [whose-name-can’t-be-revealed-yet] ‘deconstructed’ a feijoada, a classic Brazilian stew made from pork and beans. Here, I’ve taken his execution of pork tail (braised and then pan-seared for a ‘crust’ on the outside) and added some interesting texture to the dish with the creaminess of kabocha purée and the crunch of edamame. The black bean salad serves as a refreshing balance.






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NYRW 2012

New York Restaurant week is onnnn (and you don’t want to miss it)!

Here’s one of Victor’s dishes from SS7…

Chupe de Camarones with fresh shrimp, tomato, poached egg, and toast



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bring on the bird

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

<3, the chefs of SUSHISAMBA

(Here are a few shots of our Mojo-Roasted Turkey…. Time to get your gobble on!)

Miami’s presentation…

NYC’s presentation….

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hon-shimeji forest

You are now entering… the hon-shimeji forest.

In fact, hon-shimeji (or white beech mushrooms cultivated with the patented methods of hon-shimeji) grow in little ‘bouquets’ to protect each other. But we liked the idea of a hon-shimeji forest.

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coho salmon

Guillermo ran a beautiful special at SSPark recently: Coho Salmon Tiradito with avocado, orange segments, tomburi, jalapeño and citrus shiro sauce.

Most Coho Salmon (also known as Silver Salmon or Blueback) in the United States come from the North Pacific Coast – where they are most abundant. We got this one in from Alaska!




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grilled skirt steak & purple potato croquettes

“In Brazil, skirt steak is common component of churrasco – served with sweet plantains and chimichurri. For this dish I wanted to incorporate our Peruvian roots so, instead of plantains I created a purple potato croquette and zucchini fritters. And, rather than a heavier chimichurri I created a bibb lettuce based salsa verde…. It’s always exciting to create something new- on the platform of tradition.”  – Guillermo, SSPark

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the family meal

A few weekends ago we attended Ferran Adria’s book signing for his latest: The Family Meal. I’ve been interested in this book since I first learned about it… remembering the perfectly timed, 20 minute meals together in the dining room of El Bulli. It was something the team took seriously in principle – but the food itself was very down to earth. Like the food you’d eat at home, with family. It’s an idea I instill here at Sushisamba, too.

Photography: Jeff Carvalho/

At the signing Ferran shared his thoughts on knowledge, cooking, learning, Spain and the culinary world through Spanish eyes. He commented on the world’s fascination with the idea of sharing – constantly, informally and as much as possible (read: Twitter generation). It’s a global way of being that has influenced cuisine and instigated the dawn of a new culinary style: the gastropub.

For The Family Meal Ferran and his team began re-thinking the idea of staff eating. They didn’t want to serve frozen items – they wanted nourishing food that everyone could enjoy. Ferran noted that while he loved offal and tripe – these weren’t ingredients that everyone would be excited about. Together they began thinking of family meal ‘menus’ in the same way you’d plan a collection of recipes and organized dishes for restaurant guests. In this way, family meals became both thoughtful and more efficient. The cook book is truly the family meal – meals for home – because the recipes are practical, cost-conscious and supportive of more ‘universal’ tastes. As Ferran summed it up, “It’s a social book.”



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olive oil tasting

Today my friend Carlos Naselli from Patagonic Beef dropped by with some great new olive oils for us to try from northern Argentina and Uruguay. The new Executive Chefs of our Las Vegas and London locations joined in…

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