inside out; not upside down


No matter where you look, this special maki roll is bursting with flavor! The inside features ebi, avocado and aspargus. The outside is topped with salmon, garlic chips, ooba salt, cilantro truffle and micro-cilantro.

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two sauces; double trouble

madai tiradito

Have you ever tried to incorporate two sauces into one dish? Our madai tiradito special features a savory shiso sauce and a bright sesame yuzu drsesing.

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somebody’s eyes are bigger than their belly

Lamb Belly Steam Bun (1)

How does one elevate the simple sandwich? Chef Cesar Vega pondered on this question when he was composing menus for Miami Spice. The Lamb Belly Steam Bun features a toasted steam bun stuffed with cured and confit lamb belly, Japanese barbecue sauce, nappa cabbage and thin-sliced fresno pepper!

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steamy & dreamy

Steamed Clams

There’s a real art to crafting a delicious surf ‘n’ turf dish. Chef David Sears combines steamed clams with crisped pork belly for a special Miami Spice menu entrée!

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Shh…Secret Sauce!

Tuna Tiradito

Our tuna tiradito elevates raw tuna with just a handful of ingredients. What’s the flavorful secret behind this deceptively simple dish? A sauce made with puréed granny smith apple, lemon, yuzu and truffle oil. Try it during Miami Spice!

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show us your heart and we’ll show you ours

Coral Gables - heart no houseki maki (2)

Craving sushi for Valentine’s Day dinner? Our heart no houseki maki is made with tuna, salmon, yellowtail, yuzu-washed apple and topped with ikura, dill and a dashi-saffron gelée. For a little extra kick in flavor, we serve it with chimichurri, tomato purée and a spicy aioli.

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if you miss summer already…here’s the tropical tapioca


mango tapioca pudding, lime cake, pineapple brulée, coconut-lime sorbet, coconut tuile by Chef Alyssa

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The Samba Split

doce de leite ice cream, caramelized baby bananas, coconut flan, coconut mochi, caramel popcorn, fresh berries from Chef Alyssa

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Picarones! Peruvian-style doughnuts accompanied with a seasonal butternut squash sabayon from Chef Alyssa.

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Yuzu Tart Cheesecake



 What goes into our yuzu tart cheesecake? A sugar sphere, graham cracker crumble, baked meringue, shiso ice cream, fresh strawberries and orange candy zest! The technique for making the beautiful sugar sphere is similar to the blowing glass process.

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