going meatless


In the mood for a meatless meal? Executive Chef Cláudio Cardoso creates a balanced and satisfying vegetarian dish with a handful of simple ingredients: quinoa, tofu, egg and shishito.

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fatty fish fry

Seabass Tempura

How do you lighten up a fatty fish like sea bass? Chef Cláudio Cardoso coated the fish in a light tempura batter and fried it. To heighten the freshness and flavor, he adds aji verde, heritage tomato and a beetroot ceviche to the finished dish.

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spider attack!

Spider Maki

Have no fear — this spider maki only attacks with flavor! Chef Cláudio Cardoso crafted this sushi dish with sweet soft shell crab, salty caviar, creamy avocado and bright lemongrass.

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dark as night and black as pudding

wagyu black pudding

How does Chef Cláudio Cardoso balance out the strong flavors in his wagyu black pudding special? By pairing it with apple three ways! Baked apple, an apple purée and pickled apple slices combine to give a refreshingly light touch to the final dish.

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mochi madness

Black Sesame & Raspberry Mochi

Mochi is a sweet treat we can’t get enough of. You can only imagine the hysteria that sparked within our team when Chef Cláudio Cardoso unveiled his black sesame and raspberry-flavored dessert special. It was amazing!

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not my grandma’s stew

Wagyu Feijoada

We absolutely adore the Feijoada on our Brunch menu. To elevate this dish even further, Chef Cláudio Cardoso uses wagyu beef for his take on this Brazilian specialty!

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hold the fries

Hirata Burger

There are so many ways to cook up a burger! Over in London, Chef Cláudio Cardoso stuffs a bun with wagyu beef, yuzu kosho mayonnaise, shallots and pickled onion for his Hirata Burger special.

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bright and sunny

sushi sunshine

What does Chef Claudio turn to as a muse? The sun! This “sunshine”-inspired sushi dish features green bean tempura, pickled red onion, tempura crunch, guacamole, rice crackers, pink tofu flakes and crispy sweet potato.

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SS London Sushi (1)

Come and enjoy delicious rolls found at London such as the SS London Sushi made with salmon, hamachi, yuzu, cucumber, rice crackers, sweet potato, Takuwan, chives and homemade chili sauce.

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bittersweet & sassy

SS Watermelon Baja

Clink Clink! Our Watermelon Baja is a long mix of Aperol and cachaça, churned with fresh watermelon and grapefruit juice. Agave brings a sweet touch to this refreshingly bitter drink.

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