jalea de calamar

From the latest Peruvian Happy Hour menu… Jalea de Calamar with tomato, red onion and red pepper.

Photo/Execution Props to Guillermo @SSPark:

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bmw guggenheim lab

BMW and the Guggenheim united in a clever partnership (August 3 – October 16) as the “BMW Guggenheim Lab” – a “mobile laboratory traveling around the world to inspire innovative ideas for urban life.”

I learned about the Lab through a razor, a shiny knife – an incredible culinary/performance art group that I read about a few months ago in the NYT for the the multi-course meal they served on the L train. The way they’ve been able to bring food (as education, art and cuisine) into social, political, environmental topics is pretty awesome.

Last night at the ‘Lab’ on East Houston Street, they presented “Edible Water: a study of hydrocolloids and water scarcity and potability around the world.” They shared stats on the world’s access to water, ie: In the U.S., each person has access to (and uses) approximately 600 liters per day… while in some rural areas of countries, like Kenya, people must walk 4-6 hours per day just to gather a few liters of polluted water. They went on to discuss the use of agar, sodium alginate and xanthan gum as thickening agents for water/liquids (to either a gel or sol) in the cooking process. Education on these two separate topics was bridged a razor, a shiny knife’s ‘culinary metaphor’ for the inaccessibility of water in more remote places of the world:

Population with sustained access to an improved water source + ‘culinary expression’ based on hydrocolloids. Density = Inaccessibility due to Sourcing/Pollutants.

US 100%  (no additives in sample)

Peru 83%  (xanthan gum .2%)

Fiji 47% (agar .5%) photo compares Peru and Fiji… so dense you can flip the cups over…:

Ethopia   22% (agar 2%)

Somalia  urban 63%, rural 10% (sodium alginate .8% and calcium chloride .5%) photo:

They shared some great resources for learning more about the global water situation, including: OXFAM, The Water Project, UN WATER, UNICEF-WASH, Global Water Challenge, Water Charity, Water.org, and charity:water.

To contribute to these efforts, SUSHISAMBA participates in UNICEF’s Tap Project annually.

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Today we booked our next big culinary adventure – to Brazil! From July 26-August 4, Koji, Mere, our new London Chef (who will be announced in the coming months… stay tuned) and I will head to Rio de Janeiro, Salvador and Sao Paulo to revisit some of the country’s more traditional dishes and explore their newer tastes and executions. I’m especially excited to uncover new ingredients that we can bring to the table at our SUSHISAMBA restaurants this fall.

Be sure to check back with us soon… we’ll be reporting daily from The Samba Country.

We found this awesome photo by Laszlo Ilyes via http://roc2c.blogspot.com

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taste of summer

Last night Koji, Choi and Samantha represented SUSHISAMBA at Taste of Summer in Central Park. The benefit brought together 1,000 supporters to raise money for the Central Park Conservancy.

We served Wagyu Sushi Nigiri with tamari soy, momiji oroshi and garlic chip:

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paiche to nyc

One of our first posts on ingredient was about paiche – the giant Amazonian fish that I tasted at Malabar on our research trip to Peru this past fall. We recently worked with Cleanfish to bring paiche to NYC Restaurant Week (both SS park and SS 7) – and NYT picked it up today! (Click here to check out the article).

We’re serving it pan-seared with a miso-jalapeño glaze – mizuna and blood orange:

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Happy New Year!

Felicidades a todos from the SS Culinary Team!  We’re celebrating Révellion at all locations tonight – hope to see you…

Awesome photo of Rio de Janeiro’s Réveillon NYE party on Copacabana Beach, via The Independent.

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I had some extra time tonight to upload more of the great content we captured during our time at the CIA’s World of Flavor conference. This video is of Chef Shirou Komaki (Chef/Owner of Sushiman, an Osaka-based restaurant specializing in Osaka-style sushi; with a 350-year history) in a presentation titled “Traditions of Sushi and Sashimi: Discovering Regional Styles from Tokyo to Osaka.” Chef Komaki shows us haku sushi/oshizushi – or – ‘box sushi’…
Incredible demo – and a funny chef… We had a chance to talk to him (via translator) during the walk-around ‘Flavor Discovery Tasting’ lunch.

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mainichi san ju hinmoku

At the CIA Japan Flavors of Culture conference a few weeks ago, Larry Kushi, Sc.D. (Associate Director for etiology and prevention research at Kaiser Permanenete), Yoshihiro Murata (Chef and Owner of Kikunoi Honten, a three-Michelin star kaiseki restaurant in Kyoto), and Yukio Hattori, M.D. (President and Chairman of  Ecole de Cuisine et Nutrition Hattori) presented “Balance, Long Life and the Japanese Diet: Ideas for American Menus.”

Here are some of the traditional Japanese eating guidelines that we took away:

hara hachi bu = eat until you’re 80% full

yoku kamu = chew your food well

shizen ni kansha suru = appreciate nature

mainichi san ju hinmoku = eat 30 different varieties of food each day

This ‘Spinning Top’ represents the Japanese guidelines for health and diet – it’s always balanced and in motion. As you’ll notice – there’s a lot more vegetables and grains and a lot less dairy and sweets.

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It’s official – the flights are booked! Koji, Mere and I are headed to Japan (Tokyo > Kyoto > Osaka) for some serious ingredient research. Stay tuned…

The Tokyo Subway Map (above) is from www.picturetokyo.com.

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the global american @jbh

Less than one year ago the team behind SUSHISAMBA opened a brand-new concept, Sugarcane raw bar grill, in Midtown Miami. It’s been really exciting to watch the transformation – from all of our initial tastings to the rigorous opening schedule – leading up to tonight when the great Chef and my friend, Timon Balloo was given the honor of cooking at The James Beard House.

The Team: Timon, Koji, Michelle, Beto and I

The Ingredients:

The Menu:


Bacon-Wrapped Dates with Linguiça, Manchego, and Mustard Emulsion
Peruvian Lantern Scallop Crudo with Apples and Yuzu
Laughing Bird Shrimp with Jackfruit and Cilantro
Beef Tongue Crostini with Red Dragon Cheese and Quail Eggs


Key West Spiny Lobster Chowder with Fingerling Potatoes, Dried Tomatoes, and Crème Fraîche
Za’atar-Dusted Yellowfin Tuna with Florida Eggplant Baba Ghanoush and Housemade Yogurt
Lake Meadow Naturals Duck Breast with Swiss Chard and Marcona Almond Picada
Robata Galbi Short Ribs with Crispy Rice, Fried Egg, and Jus


Homestead Tangerine Ice with Banana Cream and Flor de Caña Rum
Nutella Parfait with Candied Hazelnuts and Nougatine Ice Cream

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