winter in Miami

Michael launched Miami’s new menu last week – with an exciting response. Here’s a shot of his Braised Veal Osso Buco…. a 16oz center-cut, braised veal shank served with cauliflower purée and a smoked fuji apple-parsley salad dressed with apple cider vinegar.

Ah, winter in Miami!

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bring on the bird

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

<3, the chefs of SUSHISAMBA

(Here are a few shots of our Mojo-Roasted Turkey…. Time to get your gobble on!)

Miami’s presentation…

NYC’s presentation….

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cheech & chong

On Halloween, Cheech & Chong took over the kitchen at SSdromo in Miami. We would’ve told you sooner except we weren’t sure how things were going to go over…

But, as it turned out, they’re pretty awesome chefs. And, to everyone’s surprise, they know how to use more than one kind of herb.



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paiche for miami spice

Michael sent a great shot of the paiche he’s using for Miami Spice at SUSHISAMBA dromo:

His dish is an Amazone Paiche Escabeche with local corn truffle crema, crispy sweet potato and snow peas.

Looking for more on paiche? Check out our other posts by clicking here.

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taylor bay scallops

Just received this great-looking special from SUSHISAMBA dromo in Miami:

taylor bay scallops opened on the grill with fennel-yukon purée, shibazuke, kuromitsu jelly, puffed quinoa and cilantro

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20 days around the world

And so begins another SUSHISAMBA tour! Almost every other month I have a chance to visit the Chefs at all of our locations and then some…

The journey kicks off in Miami (this blog post is a sushi bar 10:21pm action shot).

Here’s the full schedule…

7.18              NYC>MIAMI

7.19              MIAMI>CHICAGO

7.21              CHICAGO>VEGAS

7.23              VEGAS>NYC

7.25              NYC>RIO DE JANEIRO

7.29              RIO>SALVADOR

8.1                SALVADOR>SAO PAULO

8.4               SAO PAULO>BUENOS AIRES (for a quick visit with my family)

8.8               BA>NYC>BK, yo!

Good thing I’m not afraid of flying…. Er….

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heirloom tomato & seaweed salad

Thinking about this week’s dinner line up? Here’s a good one to try at home after your market visit tomorrow. It’s also on the menu at SUSHISAMBA 7 and park (NYC) and dromo (Miami).

Ingredients for Four Servings
heirloom tomatoes, 2, quartered / grape tomatoes, 1 cup, halved / cucumber, 1/2, peeled, batonettes / white grapes, 1 cup, halved / wakame, 1 cup /  ginger-soy vinaigrette, as preferred / maldon salt, to taste / micro celery / sesame seeds, 4 tbsp, toasted
Method: Wash and prepare vegetables as indicated. Mix all ingredients together and sprinkle with toasted sesame seeds. Garnish with micro celery.

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As we’re developing some culinary education programs for our FOH staff it’s been interesting to revisit the inspiration behind some our signatures.

The Yamato Roll (Big Eye Tuna, Sturgeon Caviar, Foie Gras, 24k Gold Leaf) was one of Koji’s awesome creations. He named it after a popular sci-fi anime series in Japan, where Yamato was an intergalactic space ship. The roll with it’s unique shape/balance – resembles this space ship. We did a little more research and learned that Yamato was the name of Japan’s largest and most powerful battleship in World War II. Even today it remains a poetic name for Japan and a symbol of heroism.

The roll itself is another great example of the way SUSHISAMBA’s sushi departs from tradition and takes risks… Risks that taste awesome.

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king crab, 3 ways

King Crab ~ Three Ways

#1 broiled with aji amarillo

#2 tempura with yuzu kosho emulsion

#3 amazu seviche

Summer in 3, 2, 1…

(on the menu at SS dromo and SS park)

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steamed scallop dumplings

In preparation for spring – and some BIG changes we have around the corner – we added 6 new dishes to our menu at SUSHISAMBA 7 in NYC… and 9 new ones at SSdromo in Miami.

The response has been pretty exciting… Swing by and check them out when you have a chance so we can get your feedback.

Here’s our Steamed Scallop Dumplings filled with scallop mousseline and served over a purée of celery root. The dish is topped with warm enoki, shaved zucchini and chives – then drizzled with a yuzu kosho butter.

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