SS Breakfast of Champions


Check out Chef Brian Nasajon’s sweet quinoa oatmeal from the new breakfast menu at SUSHISAMBA Coral Gables! Here’s his inspiration:

I really wanted to modernize a traditional breakfast staple and stay true to SUSHISAMBA flavors. Since oatmeal has been my favorite breakfast dish since I was a child, when my mother used to sprinkle brown sugar on top, I decided to start playing around with different ideas. One of my greatest challenges in cooking is creating delicious and interesting dishes that are also healthy.  Health is extremely important to me, so I kept it in mind as I began creating this dish, which is where the final decision to use quinoa came from.

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A Crunchy Delight

Our Chef Shoyo Iida’s latest creation (SUSHISAMBA dromo in Miami), the Bakudan Maki, is a crispy fried spicy tuna roll with asparagus and Catupiri cream sauce, topped with butter squash and watermelon garlic ginger chili sauce. He wanted to create a roll with an incredible texture contrast.  Well, let’s just say this hits the spot.
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A Mid-Summer’s Dream

So we caught up with pastry chef Jerome Guerlet who is traveling across the nation with a new dessert program for all SS locations! (You can check out the new menu at SUSHISAMBA Miami, Coral Gables and both NYC locations so far). Peach Tiradito is a new summer dessert that he created. Here’s his inspiration:


            My Peach Tiradito is connection between the Kitchen and Pastry. My first idea for this came from the hot kitchen – the technique and simplicity of beef carpaccio or salmon tiradito. The thin, precise cuts used for these plates is exactly what I applied to my peaches. I use black pepper for seasoning because the peaches work so well with the freshness of the black pepper. I also thought about the aroma of fruits from summer and to develop a “punch” of flavor to poach my peaches. To bring the creation full circle, I used coconut and lime to make it very fresh and light – like a tiradito. For me, the Peach Tiradito encompasses SUSHISAMBA, seasonality, culinary technique, texture and most importantly – passion.


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don’t skip dessert

This weekend Jill created a can’t-be-missed Melting Dulce de Leche Cake with port marshmallows, passion fruit gelee and lucuma ice cream. After 14 sold – we’d like to officially petition another round.

Melting Dulce de Leche Cake = Melted Will Power

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spring’s welcoming party

We’ve been excited for spring’s arrival, and with it,  all of the wonderful new products to work with! We received fresh rhubarb and I was inspired to create a Coconut Manjar Blanco with poached rhubarb, shiso coulis, raspberry meringue and a tart rhubarb sorbet.

The flavors and colors are our welcoming party to spring….

– from Jill @ SS dromo in Miami

We’ve been excited for spring to come, new products to work with. We got fresh rhubarb and got inspired with it. It’s coconut Manjar blanco, sous vide rhubarb, shiso coulis, raspberry meringue and tart rhubarb sorbet.

The flavors and colors are our welcoming party to spring….

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edward fruit skewers hands


Edward Fruit Skewers Hands in the kitchen at SSdromo in Miami.

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avocado mousse

Jill recently launched some great new desserts at our Miami location, including this Avocado Mousse with crispy rice, black sesame sponge and candied citrus. As she describes it….

Brazilians, as well as in my Filipino culture, use avocado as a fruit. I wanted to pull this notion onto our dessert menu – with the Japanese influence of crispy rice and black sesame sponge. I use kumquats, which are in season right now, to give the dessert a kick. I love citrus in everything.



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salmon confit

A Salmon Confit special from Michael in Miami:

“I wanted to utilize the salmon belly in a way that is shareable and different. I confit it in its own fat, sous vide. The belly is chopped and mixed with wasabi, lemon and lime zest, and chives. The combination is cooked sous vide for an hour and then seared a la plancha.”

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happy birthday niemeyer!

Famous Brazilian architect (and Sushi Samba’s favorite) Oscar Niemeyer turned 104 today! His modern, concrete-based works are known – and located – internationally (from the cities of Brazil to the Mondadori headquarters in Italy to the UN in NYC). Sushi Samba dromo in Miami is named after the Sambadromo (pictured above) in Rio de Janeiro.

We pulled the shot above ‘O Rio de Antigamente’ blog. They have some other awesome vintage photos of Brasil to check out…

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to start things off…

A little somethin’-somethin’ to kick off the evening affair at SUSHISAMBA dromo. Michael’s green apple tuna tartar with truffled tofu crema and American caviar.

Now say that five times fast.


Green apple tuna tartar with truffled tofu crema and American caviar.

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