pig tails

From Guillermo at SSpark:

Since all of the chefs have been sharing ideas, I took inspiration from a recent London tasting. Chef [whose-name-can’t-be-revealed-yet] ‘deconstructed’ a feijoada, a classic Brazilian stew made from pork and beans. Here, I’ve taken his execution of pork tail (braised and then pan-seared for a ‘crust’ on the outside) and added some interesting texture to the dish with the creaminess of kabocha purée and the crunch of edamame. The black bean salad serves as a refreshing balance.






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happy birthday niemeyer!

Famous Brazilian architect (and Sushi Samba’s favorite) Oscar Niemeyer turned 104 today! His modern, concrete-based works are known – and located – internationally (from the cities of Brazil to the Mondadori headquarters in Italy to the UN in NYC). Sushi Samba dromo in Miami is named after the Sambadromo (pictured above) in Rio de Janeiro.

We pulled the shot above ‘O Rio de Antigamente’ blog. They have some other awesome vintage photos of Brasil to check out…

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joão gilberto


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catedral metropolitana


Here are a few photos of the Catedral Metropolitana do Rio de Janeiro (Metropolitan Cathedral) where Gionia took us on our trip to Brazil this past summer. The church was built through the 1960s-1970s in honor of São Sebastião, the patron saint of Rio. Outside it reminded us of some sort of conical space craft… a ‘modern art’ style of cathedral. Inside, its massive stained glass windows bring a magical warmth and color to the space. It’s a must-see when you’re in Rio!


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I took a photo journey back through our Brazil albums from this summer – there’s still so much to share with you! Here are a few shots of the acarajé we tried straight from a Baiana vendor in the streets of Pelourinho, Salvador.

Acarajé is an example of the African influence on Brazilian cuisine. It’s made from dende oil-fried black-eyed peas and then stuffed with vatapá – a spicy shrimp/palm oil paste and caruru – a medley of vegetables and spicy sauce. Like many of the dishes in Brazil – we found it pretty heavy and decided to split 2 between the 4 of us.

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post-storm wind down

Luciano Pavarotti and Caetano Veloso sing Manhã de Carnaval, “Carnaval Morning” – one of the Bossa Nova movement’s most important songs…

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they don’t really care about us

Setting look familiar? MJ shows Salvador some love….

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bob’s burgers

8:03am, airport in Salvador.

There’s nothing like a Bob’s Picanha 160G at for breakfast. Not to mention the complimentary sundae. Just ask Koji…

Bob’s Burgers is Brazil’s #2 favorite fast food chain (behind McDonald’s).

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another kind of berry

In the U.S. we have Black, Pink and Halle Berry. In Brazil, they have YogoBerry:

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thru bamboo

On our way from the airport into Salvador, Bahia we drove through a magnificent tunnel of bamboo…

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