bar do mineiro

One of our favorite stops in Rio was Bar do Mineiro in Santa Teresa (R.R. Paschoal Carlos Magno, 99). From outside it’s a welcoming, well-lit haven on the hilly streets of Santa Teresa. Inside under intense fluorescent lights everything (the tables, people, old photograph portraits and posters, and the mosaics and knickknacks that line the white tiled walls) is honest and down to earth.

Food-wise – Bar do Mineiro is a local favorite for its feijoada pastels and ginger caipirinhas. We also tried Trouxinha de Minas (from the list of Novidades da Casa) which were made with carne seca desfiada, mussarela e aipim  and served with molho de laranja apimentado. These were a spot on pairing with the strength of the caipirinhas – and great for sharing.

Caipirinha Trio: Ginger, Passion Fruit, Traditional


Feijoada Pastels

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