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time to summon salmon

sockeye salmon sushi

How did Chef John Um bring out so much flavor in his sockeye salmon sushi? By marinating the fish in orange zest, lime zest, lemon zest, bay leaves and salt for 18 hours! He finishes the dish on a sweet note with dehydrated raspberry coated fennel.

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going meatless


In the mood for a meatless meal? Executive Chef Cláudio Cardoso creates a balanced and satisfying vegetarian dish with a handful of simple ingredients: quinoa, tofu, egg and shishito.

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pining for pineapple

scallop seviche

From Chef John Um in Las Vegas: scallop seviche with a pineapple coconut sauce.

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fatty fish fry

Seabass Tempura

How do you lighten up a fatty fish like sea bass? Chef Cláudio Cardoso coated the fish in a light tempura batter and fried it. To heighten the freshness and flavor, he adds aji verde, heritage tomato and a beetroot ceviche to the finished dish.

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Being a Little “Shellfish”

live scallop sushi (1)

There’s no way you can’t be greedy over this Live Scallop Sushi by Chef John Um. This delicious sushi has lightly-torched scallops with a passion fruit sauce, grapefruit seviche veg mix, plantain chips and topped with crispy chili strings & crispy collard greens.

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spider attack!

Spider Maki

Have no fear — this spider maki only attacks with flavor! Chef Cláudio Cardoso crafted this sushi dish with sweet soft shell crab, salty caviar, creamy avocado and bright lemongrass.

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crunchin’ on churros

Churros (1)

What goes great with shichimi-caramel and peruvian chocolate? A sweet batch of warm churros!

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corny yes, boring no

Corn Kakiage with Aji Panca

Every now and then, a salt craving hits! Fresh out of the deep fryer, Chef Cláudio Cardoso’s savory corn kakiage is paired with a rich aji panca sauce.

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flavor bomb

Boom Sushi

Boom! Feel the flavor of Chef John Um’s sushi special! It’s made with Chilean salmon, citrus-compressed pineapple, orange-sweet potato confit purée, Japanese rice cracker, hearts of palm, lava salt and micro shiso.

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dark as night and black as pudding

wagyu black pudding

How does Chef Cláudio Cardoso balance out the strong flavors in his wagyu black pudding special? By pairing it with apple three ways! Baked apple, an apple purée and pickled apple slices combine to give a refreshingly light touch to the final dish.

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