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March of Dimes


Dedicated to improving the health of babies “by preventing birth defects, premature births and infant mortality,” March of Dimes’ mission is truly life-saving and a cause near and dear to the team at SUSHISAMBA and Executive Chef David Sears.


As the restaurant is participating in their annual Signature Chefs Auction on October 29 with Chef David as the 2015 Ambassador Culinary Chair, we sat down with him to find out what March of Dimes means to him as a chef and as a father. And, check out Chef David in action on NBC’s “6 in the Mix” segment this Wednesday, October 28 at 11:30am.

​What is your role at this year’s Signature Chefs Auction?
In addition to being the Ambassador Culinary Chair, my family was selected to be March of Dimes’ Mission Family (this is the first time that the Culinary Chair and Mission Family are one in the same). It has been a privilege to share how my family’s journey was effected by the important work of March of Dimes.
Why is it important for you to align yourself with this organization?
Even though I’m involved in numerous charitable events throughout the year, March of Dimes is particularly special to me. My personal life story is intertwined with what this amazing organization is doing. I can attest to what can happen when we all support a great cause.
What significance has March of Dimes played in your own family?
My youngest son was born with a birth abnormality, premature and with a small window of survival. It was through the medical advancements made possible by March of Dimes that my son is alive and well today.
You’re helping raise money for the organization – what is your fundraising goal? 
Our fundraising goal is $10,000, but whether we achieve that goal or not, it’s still a win for a phenomenal cause. It’s not a necessity for one person to donate a $1,000 dollars. I would prefer 1,000 people donate $1 each, because with that I know the the great work that this organization does has reached that many people.
If guests would like to support your efforts, where can they donate?
Donating is easy, simply click here and follow the instructions to donate. Whether it’s a penny or one hundred dollars – all donations are humbly and gratefully accepted.
What are you most looking forward to about the event? 
I’m most looking forward to having my family on stage with me. I often do events and either my family is not there or if present, they are in the crowd. This will be the first time that I actually will have them by my side, which is very exciting.
What dish are you serving at the event?
We’re actually doing two dishes for the evening. Being that I’m the Ambassador Culinary Chair, the team at SUSHISAMBA and I decided it is only fitting that we treat guests with one of our inventive rolls: the Viva Samba. We also will be serving our take on the nostalgic Steak and Eggs, samba style, with slow-cooked Wagyu Picanha atop crisped confit potato bacon. This will be served with chimichurri aioli, a sunny side up quail egg, bacon and farofa powder, which should be a crowd- pleaser.
If guests want to learn more about March of Dimes, they should…
Visit where they can find out about the organization’s beginnings, mission stories, current topics and breakthroughs on child healthcare development. The website has a wealth of information and emotional and awe inspiring testimonies to keep you informed about this great cause.

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