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flavor bomb

Boom Sushi

Boom! Feel the flavor of Chef John Um’s sushi special! It’s made with Chilean salmon, citrus-compressed pineapple, orange-sweet potato confit purée, Japanese rice cracker, hearts of palm, lava salt and micro shiso.

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dark as night and black as pudding

wagyu black pudding

How does Chef Cláudio Cardoso balance out the strong flavors in his wagyu black pudding special? By pairing it with apple three ways! Baked apple, an apple purée and pickled apple slices combine to give a refreshingly light touch to the final dish.

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with great ginger power comes great flavor

Ginger-Marinated Halibut Nigiri

Chef Eric Ou flavored delicate halibut with a ginger marinade for a nigiri weekend special!

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mochi madness

Black Sesame & Raspberry Mochi

Mochi is a sweet treat we can’t get enough of. You can only imagine the hysteria that sparked within our team when Chef Cláudio Cardoso unveiled his black sesame and raspberry-flavored dessert special. It was amazing!

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