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bright and sunny

sushi sunshine

What does Chef Claudio turn to as a muse? The sun! This “sunshine”-inspired sushi dish features green bean tempura, pickled red onion, tempura crunch, guacamole, rice crackers, pink tofu flakes and crispy sweet potato.

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nothing but sweet feelings

passion fruit cake

Prepare to be swooned after eating our Passion Fruit Cake made of green tea and white chocolate ganache, raspberry sorbet, coconut tuile, fresh raspberries and passion fruit!

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SS London Sushi (1)

Come and enjoy delicious rolls found at London such as the SS London Sushi made with salmon, hamachi, yuzu, cucumber, rice crackers, sweet potato, Takuwan, chives and homemade chili sauce.

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bittersweet & sassy

SS Watermelon Baja

Clink Clink! Our Watermelon Baja is a long mix of Aperol and cachaça, churned with fresh watermelon and grapefruit juice. Agave brings a sweet touch to this refreshingly bitter drink.

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