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specialtea cocktail

matcha pisco

There’s nothing fresher than drinking our Matcha Pisco with matcha tea-infused pisco, orange liqueur and pineapple syrup. Shaken ‘sour’ style with lemon and egg white.

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hamachi hungry

hamachi sushi special

We just can’t tear our eyes away from this hamachi sushi special! Fresh fish meets caviar, foie gras and teriyaki eel sauce made “temari style.”

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find your passion fruit

Passion Fruit Batida

We’re passionate about passion fruit! Fresh passion fruit, a sweet passion fruit sugar, cachaça and Benedictine are churned together with ice and served long in our Passion Fruit Batida cocktail. Saúde!

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munch on crunch

There’s so many different flavors to take in with this special crunchy salmon roll!

crunchy salmon special (1)

The inside features paprika tenkatsu, rice craker, kanpyo and takowan.

crunchy salmon special (2)

The outside is a mix of marinated salmon, harumaki flakes and furikake benetarde.

crunchy salmon special (3)

A yuzu-soy-shiso mayo sauce finishes off the entire dish.

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Sushi Symphony

Aka-Yagara (2)

Chef John Um is jazzing it up with sushi that makes us hear trumpets with this Aka-Yagara (a.k.a. Red-Trumpet fish) from Shizuoka, Japan served with Hazelnut-Yuzu sauce and topped with drizzled Hazlenut Oil, Hazlenut crumbs, sea salt, and micro cilantro.

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