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a salad for your sweet tooth


We’re so lucky that Mother Nature has so many different fruits for us to try. To add a little more sweetness into our kudamono exotic fruit salad, we incorporate cherry crisps, watermelon granité and a green tea gel.

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Who’s up for a dragon hunt?


No need to trek to J.R.R. Tolkein’s Lonely Mountain to track down a dragon. You can try our rainbow dragon roll anytime!  It’s made with savory eel, crunchy red bell pepper, creamy avocado and sweet mango.

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two sauces; double trouble

madai tiradito

Have you ever tried to incorporate two sauces into one dish? Our madai tiradito special features a savory shiso sauce and a bright sesame yuzu drsesing.

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got me hot and bothered


Chef Claudio is spicing it up with this new abuse bouche, a turbot involtini with pepper textures and aji panca. I don’t think I would mind if this was jalapen-my business.

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