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batter up!

shrimp tempura special

Craving a little crunch? Our Sakura Roll features shrimp tempura wrapped in salmon and chives and served with a ponzu aioli. You’ll find it on our special Miami Spice menu at our Coral Gables location!

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Two Gentlemen of SUSHISAMBA

Claudio & John with Coffee Man

Two chefs on our culinary team, Cláudio Cardoso and John Um, are researching the cuisine of Peru in Lima!

Mistura Festival (2)

Excitement was in abundance on day one. They attended the Mistura food festival and took notes on a number of Peruvian-style street food dishes. John left his mark at the event by writing “Come to SUSHISAMBA” on the communal blackboard.

mistura event

For lunch they dined on the Peruvian version of roast pork, chancho al palo. To prepare this dish, whole pigs are butchered and cooked over smoky wood. Chef John likens the process to using the Japanese robata, but with the addition of fresh wood.

chancho al palo (1)

Over the course of this trip, our chefs aim to explore ingredients native to Peru and try a number of restaurants. They intend to have all their senses on alert to create lasting memories and develop new ideas. We can’t wait to see what they encounter next!

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show me the mango!

September SAmbatini

We know that the Fall season has plenty of delicious ingredients to play with, but it can still be difficult to let go of Summer. To hold on a little longer, our mixology team has crafted a tropical-themed Sambatini made with mango, yuzu, coconut milk, nectar, nigori sake, crème de peche, and rum. Cheers!

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somebody’s eyes are bigger than their belly

Lamb Belly Steam Bun (1)

How does one elevate the simple sandwich? Chef Cesar Vega pondered on this question when he was composing menus for Miami Spice. The Lamb Belly Steam Bun features a toasted steam bun stuffed with cured and confit lamb belly, Japanese barbecue sauce, nappa cabbage and thin-sliced fresno pepper!

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