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world cup wow factor

Mundial Roll

Our chefs have been hard at work crafting truly exceptional dishes in honor of the World Cup. Our delicious Mundial Roll is a combination of salmon, avocado, takuwan, spicy tuna, collard greens and a mustard-soy sauce all coming together for a spicy and clean taste!

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throwback tasting

salt and pepper squid

For us, this month is a celebration of #lastcallpark! Our Throwback menu features the addictive Salt and Pepper Squid small plate. Created as a challenger to our beloved Chicharrón de Calamar in 2008, this dish debuted across multiple U.S. locations. To this day, guests debate the best fried squid dish. What’s your favorite?

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A Kick of Flavor!

world cup special - braised pork belly wraps

Hooray for Mundial 2014! We have so many treats planned for our month-long World Cup celebration. One of our specials, the Braised Pork Belly Lettuce Wraps, packs a flavorful kick thanks to a little pickled cucumber and sliced jalapeños.

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Just Plumming Around

smoked plum negroni (1)

Are you in that mood to just plum around? Then come and drink our Smoked Plum Negroni (London) made of Hibiki whisky, Aperol, sweet vermouth and umeshu. This delicious drink is then stirred down and served over ice.

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