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leave your fishing pole at home


No need to trek to the lake to fish out a yummy meal. Chef Claudio from London has got you covered with his latest special: mackerel marinated in dendê oil and orange with fennel coleslaw and calamata powder.

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Color Wheel

color wheel

Chef John Um’s brilliant color wheel of sushi: Rainbow Tiradito, including tuna with ponzu salad and garlic chips; Yellowtail with chimichurri aioli and cherry tomato; Salmon with aji amarillo-cheese, heart of palm and lava salt; Fluke with lemongrass aioli, radish and micro shiso; Scallop with blueberry sauce and dehydrated blueberry. Las Vegas must be feeling lucky!

color wow

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crustacean inspiration

lobster roll
Chef John Um was spending time in the Las Vegas kitchen and wanted to transform our “half lobster tempura” dish into a sushi roll.
Inside: mango, avocado
Outside Top: lobster tempura, sugar snap peas, snow peas, pea shoots
Sauce: (instead of spicy mayo) lemongrass aioli, black truffle vinegarette
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luck of the pollock


Chef Claudio from London’s newest creation: pollock tempura with corn flakes, citrus sweet soy and shichimi togarashi.

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Color, Flavor, Sushi, Oh My!


Over in Las Vegas, Chef John Um has developed a special dish that is a feast for both the eyes and the tongue.  Seared Katsuo Bonito sushi with aji panca radish, scallion, grated ginger, and ponzu jelly.

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SS London’s Golden Egg

Golden Egg
From Chef Claudio in London: the Golden quail egg with mango caviar, hamachi and poppy candy.

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