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wishes and luck

Chef Herb’s rockin’ out to Cool Calm Pete…


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dinner in paradise

Michael with Chefs Sean Brasel and E. Michael Reidt at Dinner in Paradise on March 11, 2012!


Dinner in Paradise at Paradise Farms features the finest chefs in Miami preparing a delicious five course meal made with local organic products and paired with fine wines. The magic and charm of our lush edible landscape coupled with the finest chefs in Miami creates a uniquely intimate dining experience under the stars. Each year, we donate proceeds to a local charity or organization philosophically in line with our vision of sustainable, healing, and healthy organic food. This year we are sponsoring Youth L.E.A.D.Slow Food Miami, and Troy Community Academy.



Jill picking flowers for the aperitivo presentation!

From Mere:

Michael, what’s the name of that flower so that we can include it on IngredientBlog?

From Michael:

That flower is called Zombie’s Claw and is indigenous to South Florida.

I just made that up.

Scholars maintain that we may never know the true name and origin of this majestic plant.

Ok, I made that up too.

I don’t know. Working on it…

10 minutes later…

It’s a Butea, which means, Flame of the Forest.


Chef Michael looking dapper at work.


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avocado mousse

Jill recently launched some great new desserts at our Miami location, including this Avocado Mousse with crispy rice, black sesame sponge and candied citrus. As she describes it….

Brazilians, as well as in my Filipino culture, use avocado as a fruit. I wanted to pull this notion onto our dessert menu – with the Japanese influence of crispy rice and black sesame sponge. I use kumquats, which are in season right now, to give the dessert a kick. I love citrus in everything.



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salmon confit

A Salmon Confit special from Michael in Miami:

“I wanted to utilize the salmon belly in a way that is shareable and different. I confit it in its own fat, sous vide. The belly is chopped and mixed with wasabi, lemon and lime zest, and chives. The combination is cooked sous vide for an hour and then seared a la plancha.”

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pig tails

From Guillermo at SSpark:

Since all of the chefs have been sharing ideas, I took inspiration from a recent London tasting. Chef [whose-name-can’t-be-revealed-yet] ‘deconstructed’ a feijoada, a classic Brazilian stew made from pork and beans. Here, I’ve taken his execution of pork tail (braised and then pan-seared for a ‘crust’ on the outside) and added some interesting texture to the dish with the creaminess of kabocha purée and the crunch of edamame. The black bean salad serves as a refreshing balance.






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