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olive oil tasting

Today my friend Carlos Naselli from Patagonic Beef dropped by with some great new olive oils for us to try from northern Argentina and Uruguay. The new Executive Chefs of our Las Vegas and London locations joined in…

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post-storm wind down

Luciano Pavarotti and Caetano Veloso sing Manhã de Carnaval, “Carnaval Morning” – one of the Bossa Nova movement’s most important songs…

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There’s nothing like a bowl of sweet, warm roscas on a rainy Sunday…

We just started serving them at both SUSHISAMBAs in NYC…. Michelle rolls them in citrus sugar and serves them warm with a side of white goma (sesame) and lucuma (peruvian stone fruit that tastes like maple syrup) sauces.

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they don’t really care about us

Setting look familiar? MJ shows Salvador some love….

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bob’s burgers

8:03am, airport in Salvador.

There’s nothing like a Bob’s Picanha 160G at for breakfast. Not to mention the complimentary sundae. Just ask Koji…

Bob’s Burgers is Brazil’s #2 favorite fast food chain (behind McDonald’s).

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ted talk: dan barber

Here’s a great weekend watch…Dan Barber lectures on how to keep fish on our menus:

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another kind of berry

In the U.S. we have Black, Pink and Halle Berry. In Brazil, they have YogoBerry:

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paiche for miami spice

Michael sent a great shot of the paiche he’s using for Miami Spice at SUSHISAMBA dromo:

His dish is an Amazone Paiche Escabeche with local corn truffle crema, crispy sweet potato and snow peas.

Looking for more on paiche? Check out our other posts by clicking here.

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thru bamboo

On our way from the airport into Salvador, Bahia we drove through a magnificent tunnel of bamboo…

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térèze restaurant, rio

One night in Rio we climbed the winding roads of Santa Teresa to Térèze Restaurant (inside Santa Teresa Hotel, Relais & Chateaux)(Rua Almirante Alexandrino, 660). Thankfully, our guide and friend in Rio, Gionia Belmonte, was able to get us a reservation on short notice, despite the restaurant’s local – and international – popularity. (More on Gionia and Rio CVB later…amazing people!). Chef Damien Montecer (from Gordon Ramsay, Alain Ducasse and Garcia & Rodriguez)  is known by many for his Franco-Brazilian style cooking.

Of the more stand-out dishes:

Pupunhas: slow cooked fresh palm heart with crunchy cured cheese and sugarcane dressing

Moquecca Risotta: grilled tiger prawns flamed with Magnificia cachaça, colored peppers in palm oil, ginger, coconut and coriander risotto

Rio-London-Paris: cooked dulce de leche roll, crumble, served with a peach sorbet

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