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pouteria lucuma

When Timon and I visited Peru last year for Mistura, we couldn’t help noticing the prevalence of lucuma. No wonder – it’s a plentiful, local fruit in Lima and it tastes really good (especially in ice cream).
Since then, I’d been looking for a cool way to incorporate it into the menu and after some brainstorming with Michelle, we’d decided that the Kyoto Cream Puffs would be the perfect vehicle. If you haven’t stopped by for a taste yet – now’s the time…

More on Lucuma:

*It’s a subtropical fruit; native to the cool highlands/coastal valleys of the Andean Region [think: Peru, Ecuador, Chile…]

*It’s got a dry/starchy flesh but a super unique flavor – very similar to maple syrup.

*On my search for more information I came across a really great blog: Peru Food. Check it out – they’ve got a good summary and some ideas for lucuma use in desserts.

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kyoto cream puffs

They’re hereeeee…


Michelle topped these pâte a choux with a crispy almond cookies and piped them full of (l to r) lucuma, hojicha and gianduja cream.

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café com leite parfait

Get ready, kids….. It’s day #2 of our dessert launch at SSpark!

Café com Leite Parfait with (from the bottom up) bourbon mousse, coffee gelée, milk sorvete, chocolate pearls, caramel sauce, chocolate cigar and tuile

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…1  – Dessert Launch!

Today at SUSHISAMBA park we released 4 new desserts, including:

Housemade Tofu Panna Cotta with lime crumble, mango and red shiso sorvete

SUSHISAMBA Housemade Tofu Panna Cotta

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live new england scallop

From Yuki at SSstrip:
“With live items I like to keep things simple and utilize as much as I can from the main ingredient. Here I added just a bit of sake and soy.”
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better in threes

Koji’s gunkan threesome for Valentine’s Day:

left to right: squid and oshinko / hamachi, jalapeño and wasabi tobiko / wagyu, quail egg yolk and potato paille

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vday omakase

Today we’re running through the recipes on our Valentine’s Weekend Omakase (offered by all of our locations Sat-Mon). Here’s a few to tempt…

Hokkaido Scallops Dumpling Soup with enoki, mitsuba and yuzu peeling

Bigeye Tuna and Avocado Salad with fresh key lime, 1,000-year-vine olive oil, chive, and pink peruvian salt

Yuzu-Kosho Poached Langoustines with celery root, shaved trumpet mushroom and scallion

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throwback sunday

Sunday afternoon:

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tea forte!

Tea Forte fully launched this week at our park avenue location!

The company was founded by Peter Hewitt (RISD grad and MOMA designer) in 2003 and in 2006 Tea Master Richard Guzauskas (Chairman of the Specialty Tea Institute and among the Board of Directors of the Tea Association of America) joined the team. We’re huge fans of their packaging and mission – and, more importantly – the quality of their teas.

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