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On our visit to Kyoto was took the train to Kitayama for a look around the more historic area. Malebranche, one of Kyoto’s best known pastry shops, was born here in 1982.

Koji took this awesome shot of a tree they’d constructed out of Okoicha Langue de Chat – beautiful biscuits made of chocolate and Shirakawa tea. Malebranche is another great example of how japanese flavors/packaging aesthetics come together with the more western idea of sweets.

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camellia sinensis

Camellia sinensis = a plant species that produces white, green, oolong, pu-erh and black tea. Even though all teas come from the leaves/leaf buds of this same plant – the oxidation process imparts specific attributes that make each style of tea look/taste so different.

This photo is from Tea Forte, an amazing tea company who we’ll be working with very soon…

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the record-breaker

Here’s The Telegraph’s coverage of the 342kg Bluefin Tuna that was recently sold at a record-breaking £250,000 at Tsukiji Market in Tokyo, Japan. So crazy…

At SUSHISAMBA we’ve created a NO BLUE campaign to protect Bluefin Tuna and help to raise awareness about the species’ endangered status – but it’s important that we continue understand the ecological and economical impact of the global seafood market.

I still have a bunch of other great videos and photos to share from our trip to Tsukiji this past November…. To start, here’s a shot of some of the fresh tuna for sale post morning auction:

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never walk alone

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