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Happy New Year!

Felicidades a todos from the SS Culinary Team!  We’re celebrating Révellion at all locations tonight – hope to see you…

Awesome photo of Rio de Janeiro’s Réveillon NYE party on Copacabana Beach, via The Independent.

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pass the baton

Pass the Baton is a store we found in Chiyoda-Ku, Tokyo filled with lots of random treasures – antiques, vintage clothes, stuff made from recycled goods. The concept/ mission statement is all about ‘personal culture,’ – and bringing new life into an object. Very cool.

Check out the blog too.

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just poached! asian pears

From Dan at SS rio in Chicago:

Asian Pears!

“These giant (about the size of a grapefruit) pears spend there entire life wrapped in a paper bag. From bud to full-grown fruit they are protected from insects, dirt, and debris. The result is a ‘perfect’ pear – free of blemishes and bruises. They have a crisp texture and are incredibly juicy. For dessert, we poach the pears in sake and mirin perfumed with kafir, star anise, cardamom, cinnamon, vanilla, and honey. They are finished with toasted coconut, vanilla ice cream, micro shiso, and a syrup made from a reduction of the poaching liquor.”

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pionono for the holidays

Tonight’s finish to a Merry Christmas at SUSHISAMBA rio in Chicago and 7 and park in New York City. Created by Michelle:

Spiced Pionono
asian pear jam, coquito ice cream, kaffir lime

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gunkan at 7

Koji’s gunkan at SUSHISAMBA 7 in NYC….
snow crab / anchovy salad / foie gras

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dragon for dessert

Remember the Green Dragon Apples that Jill sent a photo of last week? This is the awesome dessert she created for SUSHISAMBA strip:

Ginger Apple Dragon
gingerbread cake, green dragon apple, smoked white chocolate

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kanji in a can

Every morning in Tokyo and Kyoto, Koji, Mere and I took part in a canned kanji ritual in the lobby of our hotel. In Japan, ready-to-drink canned coffee is available in just about every lobby – and street corner:

The vending machines themselves are pretty high tech… hot and cold distribution; liquid into a cup distribution, etc. The hot canned coffee always came out at the perfect temperature.

According to some of our guide readings – and even Japanese Wikipedia – the big canned coffee fad kicked off in the early 1970s and was really booming by the early 80s. In addition to some names we hadn’t seen before (Pokka, Dydo) – a lot of the big Japanese beverage companies (Suntory, Kirin, Coca-Cola, Nescafe, Asahi) have their own brands/labels in the canned coffee market, too.

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tuna*yuzu*kaffir lime

Dan at SSrio gave us the word on his latest tuna special:

“We recently received some fresh yuzu and kaffir lime leaves. Searching for the best outlet for this aromatic citrus, we decided on a light cure for the tuna. The citrus is mixed with sugar and salt and packed on the fish to settle for a few hours. The finished product has a delicious, meaty texture – fragrant with the yuzu and lime. We finished the dish with wasabi avocado crema and white soy marinated yuzu zest.”

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the goods – straight from japan

Just the other day shared an awesome website – “The Japan Goods Finder.”

It’s an sick source for new products – culinary, design, etc. and it even auto-translates the sites so you don’t have to visit them individually through google’s translation. Among the list: Mitsukoshi Department Store where we found amazing food products.

Check it out here:

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green dragon

sweet Green Dragon apples at SS strip:

The Green Dragon variety originated in Japan and is now available through an orchard in Oregon. You can pick up hints of pineapple and pear in the taste – so it’s great for desserts. Jill is going to send some pictures once she puts her special together…

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