sockeye salmon sushi

time to summon salmon


How did Chef John Um bring out so much flavor in his sockeye salmon sushi? […]


going meatless


In the mood for a meatless meal? Executive Chef Cláudio Cardoso creates a balanced and […]

scallop seviche

pining for pineapple


From Chef John Um in Las Vegas: scallop seviche with a pineapple coconut sauce.

Seabass Tempura

fatty fish fry


How do you lighten up a fatty fish like sea bass? Chef Cláudio Cardoso coated […]

live scallop sushi (1)

Being a Little “Shellfish”


There’s no way you can’t be greedy over this Live Scallop Sushi by Chef John […]

Spider Maki

spider attack!


Have no fear — this spider maki only attacks with flavor! Chef Cláudio Cardoso crafted […]

Churros (1)

crunchin’ on churros


What goes great with shichimi-caramel and peruvian chocolate? A sweet batch of warm churros!

Corn Kakiage with Aji Panca

corny yes, boring no


Every now and then, a salt craving hits! Fresh out of the deep fryer, Chef […]

Boom Sushi

flavor bomb


Boom! Feel the flavor of Chef John Um’s sushi special! It’s made with Chilean salmon, […]

wagyu black pudding

dark as night and black as pudding


How does Chef Cláudio Cardoso balance out the strong flavors in his wagyu black pudding […]

Ginger-Marinated Halibut Nigiri

with great ginger power comes great flavor


Chef Eric Ou flavored delicate halibut with a ginger marinade for a nigiri weekend special!

Black Sesame & Raspberry Mochi

mochi madness


Mochi is a sweet treat we can’t get enough of. You can only imagine the […]

Foie Gras Sushi

pamper your palate


Who knew you could use foie gras in a sushi dish? Our very own Chef […]

Wagyu Feijoada

not my grandma’s stew


We absolutely adore the Feijoada on our Brunch menu. To elevate this dish even further, […]

seared scallop roll (1)

gallop for scallops!


What happens when Chef John Um visits New York City? We get to snack on […]